Welcome to HeadOfffice™ We are experts in content creation, digital brand consultancy, building audiences, branded partnerships, content strategy. Doubt anyone is still reading now tbh I can say anything I can air my grievances Bore you about my latest power tool purchase Which was an electric planer, btw Really takes the pain out of planing Once you get the hang of it Remember to keep the pressure even Otherwise it’ll leave a dent at the end And have to keep going over it ... Did you catch the game last night by the way? Don’t know how those pundits get away with it Paid a fortune to spout that rubbish Saying that, I do like Garth Crooks Real passion for the game, speaks his mind Gets a lot of flack, does Garth Which is out of order really Would choose him over Chris Sutton any day Now he is the personification of beige There’s just nothing there, is there? Bit like Tim Henman used to be We tried to dress it up with Henman Hill etc But he was just a bit rubbish And literally didn’t have an ounce of personality I mean Andy Murray isn’t exactly an extrovert But you begrudgingly respect his grumpiness At least it’s something He’s living He’s present Not just bobbing along all year under the radar Only to lose the semi final at Wimbledon again Must be really demoralising, that “Always the bridesmaid never the bride” That type of thing There’s load of people like that though Stephen Merchant was one But he’s played the long game Everyone loves him now Genuinely funny on his own Whereas it’s all over for Gervais America’s ruined him Game over

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